Alicante Spain
Alicante, Spain
Alicante, Spain

Alicante is one of Spain’s greatest cities – it’s not too big, and not too small. It’s easy to navigate, easy to get around, impossible to get lost in, and fun to explore!

Alicante is a unique mix of old and new, combining the historic architecture and feel of “El Barrio,” the city’s old historic center, with newer areas of the city right across the street from the historic center.

Unlike other cities in Spain that are the same size, Alicante offers much more in the way of both traditional and modern Spanish culture. The city has quite a large number of festivals, celebrations, and cultural events.

Learn Spanish in Spain - Alicante.
Playa Postiguet, Alicante, Spain.

Alicante is filled with tapas bars, cozy cafés, night clubs, and restaurants. To add to the culinary aspect of Alicante, there are more and more international restaurants in Alicante than ever before – in Alicante you will find Italian restaurants, Indian restaurants, Greek restaurants, Chinese and “Asian” restaurants, which offer not only Chinese food, but Japanese dishes, Thai dishes, Vietnamese cuisine, and even two American-style diners.

There are also several movie theaters, the city’s “Teatro Principal” and numerous restaurants, cafés, and clubs that offer live music, from traditional Spanish flamenco to Jazz, as well as dance studios where you can learn tango, salsa or flemenco, and where you can take yoga classes, Pilates classes, aerobics classes, etc.

Let’s not forget the beach! Alicante boasts its own beach! Right at the city’s edge is “Postiguet”, a white sandy beach that lies at the foot of the Santa Barbara Castle (Yes, Alicante has its own castle too!) Alicante’s beach is a popular destination for both tourists and students that come to Alicante to study abroad or who come to Spain to learn Spanish. In the spring and summer months Alicante’s beach is THE meeting place for international students.

Learn Spanish Culture in Alicante, Spain. Festival.
Festival in Alicante.

Because of its beach, nightlife, and other amenities, Alicante is one of Spain’s most popular destinations for students who want to study abroad in Spain or learn Spanish in Spain. It is a dynamic, energetic city that allows you to easily adapt to and experience vibrant Spanish culture.