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Study Abroad in Spain - The University of Alcala
Study Abroad in Spain at the University of Alcala


Program Name: Academic Year Spanish Language Course
School: University of Alacala
City: Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Term: Academic Year (Oct. – May)
Duration: Academic Year
Cost: € 3,550 / $ 4,012.21 *
Housing € 300 – € 400  / $ 339.06 * to $ 452.08 * per mo. univ. residence
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Eligibility: Open Enrollment: No min GPA req’d.; essays not required

Program Description

The academic year long Spanish Language Course offers the opportunity to enjoy 8 months of true immersion in Spain, for a total of 45 ECTS credits.

Students will complete 600 class hours of Spanish.

After taking a placement exam on the first day of the Spanish course, the center will assign each student to their appropriate level course.

The academic year long Spanish language course offers guided progression to students. The academic year Spanish course is divided into three trimesters, which enables students to change groups up to two times as they progress during the academic year. In this way students are guaranteed the greatest diversity possible with the aim of making the Spanish classes a pleasant and enriching learning environment.

Program Cost

Tution – € 3,550 / $ 4,012.21 * per year.

The fee covers tution for the entire academic year.

Housing – Cost Varies.

€ 300 to € 450 / $ 339.06 * to $ 508.59 *  per mo., university residence

Shared student apartments generallly cost from $250 – $300 per mo.

Homestays cost approximately € 700 / $ 791.14 * per mo.

Program Structure

Spanish classes are divided into 2 daily sessions with a small break in between classes. The two sessions cover different materials and are taught by different professors. The first session, Lengua y Coumunicacion, involves practical Spanish language exercises in a contextual format.

In the second session, Destrezas orales y escritas, the use of language is nurtured via activities that integrate listening, conversation, speaking, reading, and writing in a fun way.

Students will have their classes either in the mornings or in the afternoons.

Morning Course

The first session of Spanish classes takes place from 9am to 11am. The second session of Spanish classes takes place from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Afternoon Course

The first session of Spanish classes takes place from 2:15pm to 7:45pm. The second session of Spanish classes takes place from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Housing / Accommodation

Housing options include homestays, university residences, and shared student apartments..

Eligibility / How to Enroll

Open Enrollment.

There is no minimum required GPA. Recommendation letters are not required.

Print out the application form and accommodation forms, fill them out and send them by mail, fax or email:

  • By mail:  C/ Escritorios, nº 4, 28801, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, ESPAÑA
  • By fax [00 34 91 827 16 16]
  • By e-mail a

You must also include a copy of proof of payment for your course.