Diploma in Spanish Studies – University of Salamanca (Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos) – Academic Year – 2,700 Euros

University of Salamanca - International Students Office

f you are interested in doing a longer course on Spanish literature, history, art, geography and grammar, our Diploma in Spanish Studies might interest you.

Students’ placement into language classes will be determined by an on-site placement test administered by Cursos University of Salamanca Diploma in Spanish Studies - Academic YearInternacionales. This Course requires an advanced level of Spanish.

The Diploma in Spanish Studies is a year long program, but students are free to enroll only for one of the two semesters.

In the fall semester, students are free to register for the five subjects offered, or just for four. Spanish language is always compulsory.

In the spring semester, students will have to take five subjects. Spanish Language, Spanish and Latin American Literature and Spanish History are always compulsory. Students must choose two of the electives.

To receive the Diploma in Spanish Studies, students must register for the two terms and fulfill the following conditions:

  • Attend a minimum of 85% of the scheduled class session (*).
  • Pass at least 8 of the subjects enrolled for.

The Diploma certificate provides information about the level, the global mark (the average of all the exams of each subject) and the number of attended class sessions. Cursos Internacionales issues a certificate reporting on the level of achievement for students who do not fulfill the previous conditions.

Should the student register just for one of the two semesters, he will receive a certificate describing the subjects studied.

(*) Students must not miss more than 15% of classes, regardless of whether absences are excused or not.

Subjects per semester.

Fall SemesterEach subject: 45 hours Spring SemesterEach subject: 45 hours
Spanish Language (A)
Spanish Literature
Spanish History (A)
Spanish Art (A)
Descriptive Geography of Spain
Spanish Language (B)
Spanish American Literature
Spanish History (B)Choose two:
Spanish Art (B)
Spanish Economics
Cinema, press and television in Spain
Human Geography



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