20 Lesson Per Week Intensive Spanish Course in Salamanca

20 Lesson Per Week Intensive Spanish Course in Salamanca
Intensive Spanish Language and Culture

Learn Spanish in Spain.


Spanish Language Program in Salamanca, Spain.


A 20-lesson-per-week programme with a maximum of 12 students (seven on average) per class in 6 different language levels.
Students can choose to study for anything from 1 to 50 weeks.

This programme contains two Grammar classes and two Conversation classes. We are convinced that a solid grammatical base is imperative in order to speak a language well.

Each day the classes begin with a presentation about a structural element of Spanish grammar accompanied by examples of day-to-day situations to illustrate its uses.

Afterwards the class focuses on the students’ oral skills. Sessions are based around current affairs, incorporating material from previous lessons.

This allows students to continually build on their prior knowledge, improving their vocabulary and fluidity. We use everyday situations in order to ease learning.