E L E Cordoba – General Spanish Courses in Spain – 3 Hours per Day – Cordoba, Spain

Program Type: General Spanish Courses
City: Cordoba

Learn Spanish in Spain at ELE Cordoba.


Spanish Language Programin Cordoba, Spain.


General Spanish Courses to Learn Spanish.



General Spanish Classes, which permit progressive learning of the language (three hours per day). Students can study for their desired number of weeks, and in this way associate intensive learning with free time.

E.L.E. Cordoba

E.L.E. Córdoba School, located in the town centre, has been teaching Spanish as foreign language for more than fifteen years.

With the growing popularity of this language in the world, our student numbers have increased. Our classes are composed of students from all horizons, with varied nationalities and very different needs.

Our purposes are to:

1. Enable students to use the Spanish language as a means of communication.
2. Manage to develop students’ capacity to recognize their own learning needs.
3. Bring together Hispanic culture and that of the student’s country of origin.
4. Further cultural and linguistic pluralism, and value cultural diversity and mutual respect.