Escuela Montalban Granada – Spanish Teacher Training Course in Spain (Granada)

Escuela Montalban Granada – Spanish Teacher Training Course in Spain (Granada)
Teacher Training in Granada, Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain at Escuela Montalban Granada.


Spanish Language Program in Granada, Spain.


Spanish Teacher Training Course in Granada.



The main objective of our training course Curso practico de 1 y 2 semanas – perfeccionamiento y reciclaje para profesores NO-NATIVOS de espanol como lengua extranjera – Niveles C1/C2 is to offer non-native Spanish teachers the opportunity to update and perfect their knowledge of the Spanish language and to exchange experiences regarding methodological and pedagogical issues.

Speaking exercises focus on the study of Spanish culture,so that teachers practice and improve their language skills while learning about Spain’s current social and cultural reality. We also place special emphasis on grammar structures for proficiency levels.

In addition,we work on methodology and didactic aspects of teaching Spanish as a foreign language,giving participating teachers practical tips for their own teaching.

Participants go through a process of renovation that will invigorate their teaching. They think about their teaching activities and different aspects that encompass language acquisition and foreign language learning.

Public school Spanish teachers or adult education teachers are taking part in our training courses. Teachers with a B1/B2 level may also participate in the training.

In this case,they take part in a B1/B2 grammar course and then they join the methodological,pedagogical and cultural part of the training,together with the other participating teachers.

Classes: 6 lessons of 45 minutes per day from Monday to Friday.
Group: max. 10 students.
Levels: advanced levels C1/C2.
Course duration: from 1 to 2 weeks.
Enrolment fee: 50