Hispania Espanol para Extranjeros

Hispania Espanol para Extranjeros
City: Valencia

Learn Spanish in Spain at Hispania Espanol para Extranjeros.


Spanish Language Program in Valencia, Spain.


Intensive Spanish Language Courses.


Hispania Espanol para Extranjeros

The Hispania, escuela de español,  is a Spanish Language School that has taken into consideration the recommendations of their teachers and students in order to create the ideal school.

You will notice our special atmosphere from the moment you walk in. The school is based in a villa located in a unique setting where you can enjoy your classes, lounge on one of our terraces or study in our library.

The high quality of our classes has been our key to success from the moment we opened. Due to our great results, many of our students recommend Hispania, converting it into the most popular school in Valencia.

Hispania, escuela de español, offers a Cosmopolitan, but at the same time homely atmosphere. Our teachers and staff will do their best to resolve any question or doubts you may have in order to make you stay as comfortable as possible. We will also help you to understand Spanish culture, and the Spanish way of life.

General Spanish Course

This is the ideal course to achieve a complete learning of the Spanish Language. The students learn Spanish language through the study of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, listening and reading comprehension, spelling and conversation. The purpose of this course is to provide the student the necessary skills in order to speak correctly, understand texts and write texts properly.

Our classes are mainly conversational, where students learn in a  pleasant and effective way how to use the language.

Our teachers use the newest teaching strategies, so that learning Spanish in Hispania, escuela de español is very easy and fun.

In the General Spanish Courses, the language is taught in both formal and informal registers. We pay attention to the different linguistic varieties enabling the student to understand any type of communicative speech.


The Method Hispania

Our teaching method is certified as a high quality method by the most prestigious national and international educational institutions. Our teaching method allows total flexibility, since we prepare each class “à la carte” depending on the students of each class, which enables you to assist, whenever you want, to the classes you were unable to attend to.


Hispania Estudio-2

About HE-2

  • Located in the centre of Madrid.
  • Both, the students and the teachers are like a family.
  • The exclusive method have been designed by our teaching staff, with emphasis given on the different language skills, oral, comprehension, speech, reading and writing.
  • Special activities. You will explore interesting places of Madrid and Spain, surrounded by your new language and its culture, there you will be able to use your new language skills.
  • The teaching staff was highly qualified at Salamanca University (Bachelor of Spanish philology).
  • Groups of six students (maximum).
  • Available year round.
  • Begining every monday.
  • Grammar is asimilated by the students in a natural way as an inherent part of the language.
  • You can attend individual or group lessons alternatively.
  • You will take an examination level test, the first day of the class.
  • Exciting in-class lessons with fluent and native teachers.
  • Lower prices.
  • Special lessons for D.E.L.E., EOI, or U.Complutense.
  • You can register the first day of the class.

How do we teach?

  • Small groups.
  • Personalized attention to each student.
  • The best way to learn grammar, as an inherent part of the language.
  • Active method of participation, wich set to increase skills and level of the language.
  • You will learn different ways for expressing a same meaning.
  • You will develop skills of the colloquial spanish language.
  • You will be placed in compatible groups with similar language levels and objetives.
  • You will acquire practical conversational skills that you can put to use immediately.