Hispania Estudio-2

Hispania Estudio-2
City: Madrid

Learn Spanish in Spain at Hispania Estudio-2 in Madrid.


Spanish Language Program in Madrid, Spain.


Year Round Intensive Spanish Language Classes.


About HE-2

  • Located in the centre of Madrid.
  • Both, the students and the teachers are like a family.
  • The exclusive method have been designed by our teaching staff, with emphasis given on the different language skills, oral, comprehension, speech, reading and writing.
  • Special activities. You will explore interesting places of Madrid and Spain, surrounded by your new language and its culture, there you will be able to use your new language skills.
  • The teaching staff was highly qualified at Salamanca University (Bachelor of Spanish philology).
  • Groups of six students (maximum).
  • Available year round.
  • Begining every monday.
  • Grammar is asimilated by the students in a natural way as an inherent part of the language.
  • You can attend individual or group lessons alternatively.
  • You will take an examination level test, the first day of the class.
  • Exciting in-class lessons with fluent and native teachers.
  • Lower prices.
  • Special lessons for D.E.L.E., EOI, or U.Complutense.
  • You can register the first day of the class.

How do we teach?


  • Small groups.
  • Personalized attention to each student.
  • The best way to learn grammar, as an inherent part of the language.
  • Active method of participation, wich set to increase skills and level of the language.
  • You will learn different ways for expressing a same meaning.
  • You will develop skills of the colloquial spanish language.
  • You will be placed in compatible groups with similar language levels and objetives.
  • You will acquire practical conversational skills that you can put to use immediately.