Instituto Hemingway – Business Spanish Course in Bilbao

Instituto Hemingway – Business Spanish Course in Bilbao
Business Spanish Course

Learn Spanish in Spain at Instituto Hemingway.


Spanish Language Program in Bilbao, Spain.


Spanish Language and Business Spanish Course.



The Spanish Business Course is a Spanish course with a specific objective. It is a specialized course. It looks to ensure fast and complete progress,fostering the knowledge of the economic and business world and expanding vocabulary and the use of specific terms in the Spanish business world.

Theory is combined with onsite visits to relevant companies and institutions.

We use a dynamic method and audio-visual materials. The course INCLUDES:

20 hours per week
8 hours of business Spanish
4 hours of grammar and vocabulary
4 hours of conversation
4 hours of reading and writing
Courses starting every Monday throughout the year
Minimum 1 week stay
40 hours: Certificate awarded
80 hours: Diploma awarded
Average class size: 5 – 8 maximum
Cultural activities
In being such an intensive course it is taught from Monday to Friday,9.30 to 1.30,divided into 2 sessions.

The first,from 9.30 to 11.30 is dedicated to general questions about the language and Spanish language acquisition
The second,from 12.00 to 1.30 tackles Spanish-specific business topics and activities
The classes tackle topics such as:

Business: general questions
Human Resources: people and negotiation
Marketing and Publicity
Buying and Selling: commercial letters
Import and Export: payment documents,Incoterms…
Finances: banking,means of payment,the Stock Exchange
Spanish and Hispano-American organizations: constitutions,political organization,society
Business negotiations
Legal matters
You can start this course any Monday of the year. The course is available in three levels: beginner,intermediate and advanced.