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Learn Spanish while living and having fun in Barcelona, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. We offer Spanish courses in Barcelona all year round, designed to meet your needs: intensive Spanish courses, long term Spanish courses, combined Spanish courses, evening Spanish courses, Spanish for Business, one-to-one courses, exam preparation courses, …


Expressando offers you also a complete range of accommodation in Barcelona: host families, participant flats, residence and apartments.


Have an unforgettable experience, choose to learn Spanish in Barcelona with Expressando. Learning Spanish with Expressando means more than just learning a language!

Spanish Courses in Barcelona


Learning to speak – EXPRESS SPANISH


At Expressando Spanish School, we understand that the fastest and most effective way to learning Spanish is to speak it. This is why we have developed the teaching method called EXPRESS SPANISH, which focuses on oral communication.

You will be speaking Spanish from the very start, learning in a natural way.

Our method EXPRESS SPANISH is a result of blending PDL (theatrical method), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Suggestopedy (through suggestion) among others.

One of our most effective tools is the development of real-life situations in the Spanish class through role playing. You will be able to utilise everything that you learn in class during your daily life in Barcelona.

Our Spanish course plan adapts to your specific needs and changes on a weekly basis.

All of our highly motivated Spanish teachers have degrees in Philology and a vast amount of experience, all of which provide the fundamental conditions for success in every course.