Pompeu Fabra University – Barcelona

Pompeu Fabra University – Barcelona

Learn Spanish in Spain at Pompeu Fabra University.


Spanish Language Program in Barcelona, Spain.


Pompeu Fabra University – Barcelona. Spanish & Catalan Program.

Spanish in Barcelona – Spanish Program

The Spanish Fall Program uses Barcelona as an interactive backdrop to combine intensive Spanish language study with a variety of disciplines, from Spanish literature and Spanish cinema to Spanish gastronomy and business. Students who want to learn Spanish in Barcelona can choose from Fall semester Spanish courses, Winter Semester Spanish courses, Spring semester Spanish courses, and summer Spanish courses.

The Spanish program gives students that want to study abroad in Spain and learn Spanish in Spain the possibility to study Spanish by combining a Spanish language course with other types of Spanish courses: Spanish courses to improve speaking and writing skills, as well as Spanish courses in which the Spanish language is analyzed from a multidisciplinary point of view through Spanish culture, Spanish history, Spanish art, Spanish literature, Spanish cinema, Spanish gastronomy and business.

Spanish Program Structure

The Fall semester, Winter semester, and Spring semester Spanish courses last for 9 weeks.

The Summer Spanish courses lasts 4 weeks.

Fall Spanish Course: early October – early December

Winter Spanish Course: January – March

Spring Spanish Course: April – June

Summer Spanish Course: July (4 week Spanish course)

Spanish classes are held from Monday to Thursday, 2 days a week. Students wishing to learn Spanish can select only our 30-hour Spanish course, or they can participate in the Spanish course and combine it with other Spanish subject courses, such as Spanish conversation or Spanish written expression workshops, or Spanish courses from other areas such as literature, film, etc. Spanish subject courses consist of 30 class-hours of instruction. Students can take a total of 180 class-hours of Spanish language and other Spanish courses.

The Spanish language courses are offered at different levels: beginner Spanish, elementary Spanish, intermediate Spanish, advanced Spanish, and proficiency Spanish.


Prices applicable to courses within the same program (Landing 2013, Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Spring 2014, Summer 2014)

Spanish Course Options Price Price if paying by wire transfer
30 hours (1 Spanish course) €255 €270
60 hours (2 Spanish courses) €510 €525
90 hours (3 Spanish courses) €765 €780
120 hours (3 courses regular prices + 1 course 10% discount) €995 €1,010
150 hours (3 courses regular prices + 1 course 10% discount + 1 course 15% discount) €1,211 €1,226
180 hours (3 courses regular prices + 1 course 10% discount + 1 course 15% discount + 1 course 25% discount) €1,403 €1,418
DELE Course – 20 hours €180 €195
DELE Course – 30 hours €255 €270


Fees /Cost (Fall Spanish Program)

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