Taronja School

Taronja School

Learn Spanish in Spain at the Taronja School.


Spanish Language Program in Valencia, Spain.


Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain.



The TARONJA Spanish School welcomes you and takes this opportunity to introduce itself and the special features of our young school which makes a difference in the field of Spanish learning.

Our school is located on a pedestrian street in the city centre, in a beautiful XIXth century building. It is surrounded by the cafés and restaurants.

Inside you will discover that each corner has been neatly decorated by young Valencian artists. It is an authentic piece of art! The classrooms are equipped with modern facilities which create a nice and comfortable learning atmosphere.

Our Spanish teachers have a Degree in Spanish Philology. They have practical experience and professional teacher training for Spanish as a foreign language. Yet, at the same time, they are dynamic, young and friendly, and always ready to help you with your doubts, questions and problems.

Our Spanish courses, regularly supervised and controlled, are qualified with the Cervantes Institute accreditation.

Travelling abroad is always a great experience. That is why apart from the Spanish classes we offer you a complete variety of cultural and leisure activities to enjoy during the week. Trips, parties, dinners, concerts, museums and sports are an important part of our cultural programme. We guarantee you an incredible time, making the most of it.

INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE 20 + 5* social lessons

The course is designed for students wanting to learn Spanish and to combine language study with other activities that allow you to see the city surroundings and its famous beaches. The 4 skills will be worked on within a comunicative environment. We guarantee a fast and effective learning of the Spanish language. The course consists of 20 lessons of Spanish + 5 didactic social activities per week.