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Spanish Language Program in Seville, Spain.

University Integration Program


The University Integration Program (“Programa de Integración Universitaria”) is a study abroad program offered by the Centro Universitario Internacional of the the Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville, Spain.

The program is designed for students with an advanced level of the Spanish language who wish to study abroad in Spain and enroll directly in regular university classes alongside local Spanish students.

Students participating in the University Integration Program can take up to 5 classes with Spanish students. Alternatively, they can take 4 regular classes, and take one of the Spanish courses offered in the Hispanic Studies program.

Participating students can take regular Spanish university courses in the Humanities, Labor Relations, Social Work, Business Administration, Work Science, Translation and Interpretation, Environmental Science, Social Education, Law, Sociology, and Political Science.

Cost, Tution: Spring semester: 1,420 euros; Fall semester: 1,420 euros

Housing – Homestay: 725 euros per month


Centro Universitario Internacional – Universidad Pablo de Olavide

University Integration Program

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