University of Oviedo – Study Abroad in Spain – Summer Session I (May – June)

University of Oviedo – Study Abroad in Spain – Summer Session I (May – June)
City: Oviedo

Universidad de Oviedo Spanish Courses

The University of Oviedo summer courses boast a team of motivated, highly experienced, specialized teachers.

The courses include 20 hours of classes per week complemented by a wide-ranging programme of cultural activities and excursions to places of historical interest in Asturias, León and Cantabria.

Location of the Courses

Classes are offered at the Campus of El Milán of the University of Oviedo.


Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Half-hour break between 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM

Spanish Language Levels

Classes are taught at three language levels: Elementary (A1), Intermediate (A2-B1.2) and Advanced (B2-C1). Students are to take a test on the first day of the course so as to be placed in the level corresponding to their level of competence in the language.

Academic Program

The daily sessions are divided as follows:

First Session:

From 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM: Spanish Language: Grammar and Vocabulary in the Communicative Context; Text Analysis.

Second Session:

From 12:00 AM to 1:00 PM: Writing Workshop (written expression and interaction). Using materials supplied by the teacher, students participate in a practical class related to written expression and interaction.

Third Session:

From 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM: Modules of different conversation topics.

Each optional subject is organized into two independent modules of equal duration. At the start of the course, students choose, from the four modules offered, those they wish to take. Elementary level students continue their Spanish classes.

Compulsory Subjects:

  • Spanish Language. Grammar and Vocabulary in the Communicative Context.
  • Writing Workshop (written expression and interaction.

Both subjects add a total of 75 hours for the May-June course and 60 for the July and August courses.


  1. Elementary Spanish
  2. Intermediate Spanish I
  3. Intermediate Spanish II
  4. Advanced Spanish I
  5. Advanced Spanish II

Optional Subjects

  • Conversation on topics related to Spanish culture. (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels). 25 hours for the May-June course and 60 for the July and August courses.
  • Spanish for Business (Advanced Level). 25 hours for the May-June course and 20 for the July and August courses.
  • Spanish and Latin American Literature (Intermediate and Advanced Levels). (Offered only in July and August). 10 hours.
  • Spanish History and Art (Intermediate and Advanced Levels). (Offered only in July and August). 10 hours.
  • Pedagogical Updating Module (Offered only in July and for the Advanced Level)

Extra-curricular Activities

Two weekend trips to geographically and culturally outstanding sites within the Principality of Asturias and a traditional “espicha” welcome reception. 10 hours.

Spanish Heritage Course

This course has been specially addessed to the so-called heritage speakers, those who grew up in a non-Spanish speaking country but in an environment where Spanish culture had a strong influence. These students are likely to have listened to, and probably spoken, Spanish at home but feel more confident with the language of the country whre they have been raised. Nevertheless, they feel strongly motivated to brush up their heritage language and seek a return to their roots.

Often, these students speak the language fluently but, not having their education in Spanish, they are not usually familiar with formal registers. Therefore, the main theoretical contents and practical activities dealt with in the course are aimed at developing these linguistic abilities.

  • Spanish Heritage Course Programme
Specific Spanish Course for Health Science Professionals

This course is directed at professionals working on the field of Health Sciences: doctors, nurses, students and interpreters who develop their work in a bilingual Spanish-English environment.

This course provides a specific training to improve their linguistic competence in Spanish, from the specialised medical terminology to the Hispanic dialectal varieties used by the patients in the clinic, or the resources that the professional may have available to answer their questions.

The contents of this course are based on research conducted in the clinical environment of the United States. Based on some proven deficiencies, a specific and intensive training is offered, with the goal of developing the communicative skills of the staff. The theoretical study and teaching are complemented with internships in the clinical field.

  • Programme of the Specific Spanish Course for Health Science Professionals
Specific Course of Academic Spanish

This course is directed at improving the capacity of the students to produce academic texts.

It is aimed at university students or lecturers who have Spanish as a foreign or second language and who want to develop their skills to write articles, reports, communications for congresses, PhD Theses, etc. with the proper level of academic adequacy, clarity in the exposition and adequation to textual conventions.

The course is, fundamentally, oriented to practice. It seeks that the student, after receiving the necessary theoretical bases, faces the challenge of producing their own texts, checking their level of adequacy and improving their capacity to express themselves in a written and oral way.

  • Programme of the Specific Course of Academic Spanish

Teaching Materials

The teachers base their classes fundamentally on two types of materials adapted to each language level which are given to students on the first day of class. Other verbal and graphic materials are also used, such as articles from the press, DVDs, songs, slides and oral texts.

Updated Course Fees for the Summer of 2015

  • May-June Course (110 hours): €1090
  • July Course (90 hours): €835 or €630 if you have attended May-June Course
  • Hispanic Heritage Course (90 hours): €835 or €630 if you have attended May-June Course
  • August Course (90 hours): €835 or €630 if you have attended May-June Course and/or July Course
  • Specific Spanish Course for Health Science Professionals May-June (100 hours): €1100
  • Specific Course of Academic Spanish May-June (60 hours): €850

These fees do not include banking charges and commissions. These banking charges and commissions are to be paid by the student, so their banks should be informed. The fees include the right to attend classes, teaching materials, the right to sit the exam and to the diplomas, an International Courses student ID card, excursions and reception and closing parties.

To confirm pre-registration, please send an advance payment of 150 € per course up to a fortnight before classes commence.

Communication Accidents Covered by the Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy for Students of Postgraduate Studies and Summer Courses of Spanish Language and Culture for Foreigner Students


Minimum required age for enrollment is 18 years old (students may enroll if they are 17 and turn 18 during the academic year). To pre-register and enroll, present or send by mail or fax up to 30 days before the start of the courses the following documentation:

  • The registration documentation with the options you have chosen and, if applicable, the type of accommodation desired.
  • A photocopy of the passport or ID.
  • 2 small ID-sized photos.
  • Bank receipt of the deposit or transference of the advanced payment (€150 or €200) to the account of the Courses.
  • The fees that give access to the course will be paid via bank transference, free or charge and services commissions (to the student), indicating the name of the applicant: CajAstur, IBAN: ES52 2048 0000 2 1 3400152827 (CÓDIGO SWIFT: CECAESMM048) To: Universidad de Oviedo, CIF Q-3318001-I Concept: Cursos de Español para Extranjeros

For more information on the pre-registration and the enrollment, you may contact:

La Casa de las Lenguas, Campus of “El Milán”
Comandante Bruzo and Luis Braille Sts., Ground Floor – Oviedo (33011)
+ 34 985 109664
+ 34 985 109665