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Spain is the best place to learn Spanish
The best place in the world to learn Spanish - Spain!

Spanish Schools in Spain

A study abroad program at a Spanish language school in Spain is one of the most effective ways you can learn Spanish. Learning Spanish at a Spanish school in Spain in Salamanca, Alicante, Madrid, or anywhere in Spain will enable you to make significant gains in your ability to speak, understand, read and write Spanish.

Spanish schools in Spain have gathered a tremendous amount of experience with regard to teaching Spanish to foreign students, teens, and adults. They use effective and fun methods of teaching Spanish to their students and have a passion for Spanish language instruction.


What types of Spanish programs to Spanish schools in Spain offer?

Spanish schools in Spain offer standard Spanish courses, intensive Spanish courses, full-immersion Spanish courses, private one-on-one Spanish courses, Spanish conversation courses, Spanish culture courses…and more.

Among the Spanish programs offered by Spanish schools in Spain, the most popular Spanish course is the 20-hour per week Spanish course. Different Spanish schools  have different names for this particularly popular Spanish course (“Intensive Spanish Course,” “Standard Intensive Spanish Course,” etc.). Regardless of how each school labels its Spanish courses, however, you are guaranteed to learn Spanish quickly and effectively if you enroll in a 20-hour per week Spanish program – wherever in Spain you study Spanish!

Why is the 20-hour per week Spanish course so popular? People from all over the world travel to Spain to learn Spanish. Some study Spanish in Spain for personal reasons. Others learn Spanish in Spain for academic motives and for professional advancement. The common denominator is that they all want to learn Spanish and attain the best possible level of Spanish that they can while they are studying in Spain.

The 20-hour per week Spanish course adds up fast…to a lot of Spanish!  The popular intensive Spanish course affords you 80 Spanish class-hours per month. In two months at a Spanish school in Spain you will complete 160 class-hours of Spanish. The three-month tally is 240 hours of Spanish classes!  At 80 hours per month of Spanish conversation, Spanish grammar, Spanish reading and writing exercises (not to mention the cultural content of the Spanish classes) the 20-hour per week Spanish allows you to improve your Spanish rapidly and effectively – more so than Spanish courses with less hours.

Another popular Spanish program you will find in Spain’s Spanish schools are semi-intensive Spanish courses. A semi-intensive Spanish course typically consists of 12 class hours of Spanish per week to 15 class hours of Spanish per week. Semi-intensive Spanish courses tend not to be as popular as the 20-hour Spanish courses and not all Spanish schools offer them.


An important point to note about Spanish schools in Spain is that most Spanish schools arrange housing for their students.

Two of the most popular housing options are shared student apartments, in which you live with other international students who have come to Spain to learn Spanish, and a homestay, in which you live with a local Spanish family.

Different Spanish schools have different housing offers for their students. Some Spanish schools offers stays at university residences or student residences, while others even offer private studio apartments or other arrangements.


Cultural Activities

It is common for Spanish schools in Spain to offer cultural activities in conjunction with their Spanish programs – city tours, class dinners at local restaurants, museum visits or visits to nearby points of interest are some examples.