Study Abroad in Spanish – Spring Semester Spanish Courses for Beginners – University of Oviedo

Universidad de Oviedo Spanish Courses

Universidad de Oviedo Spanish Courses

 The Beginner’s Spanish Course is aimed at students with either no knowledge or a very elemental knowledge of Spanish. The main goal by the end of the course is for students to have acquired basic receptive and producive skills in both the oral and written spheres, so as to be able to understand and make themselves understood in everyday communication situations.

Classes meet Monday through Friday, 2 hours per day.


Dates: January to May

Accommodation – Homestays & University Residences

The University of Oviedo facilitates accommodation with families in order to foster a greater degree of student integration and to provide them with the chance to practice our language and become acquainted with our culture.

The allocation of accommodation is a service that the University of Oviedo Spanish Courses provide free of charge, with no kind of contractual relation being established with either the families or the students.

At the end of the course, students will be given the opportunity to fill out a survey and score the treatment they received from the family.

With a family: €600. Full board.


University Services

Foreign students will be given a card enabling them to access all the services offered by the university.

Sports Service

You will be able to practice any kind of sport, from the most popular (football, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, athletics, etc.) to other, more minority sports (fencing, tai chi, archery, etc.) through the University of Oviedo Sports Service.

The University Library

All our students have free access to the university library under the same conditions as their Spanish counterparts.

Video Library

We have a multimedia classroom and a video library where students may borrow their favourite films in DVD format.

Internet and E-mail

Our students have free access to e-mail and Internet services via both the network of computer rooms and broadband (Wi-Fi).



Spanish Courses at the Univeristy of Oviedo

Spanish for Beginners

Spanish Language & Culture Courses

Semester Course (Price, hours, related documents – page in Spanish)



Minimum required age for enrollment is 18 years old (students may enroll if they are 17 and turn 18 during the academic year).

To pre-register and enroll, present or send by mail or fax up to 30 days before the start of the courses the following documentation:

  • The registration documentation with the options you have chosen and, if applicable, the type of accommodation desired.
  • A photocopy of the passport or ID.
  • 2 small ID-sized photos.
  • Bank receipt of the deposit or transference of the advanced payment (€150 or €200) to the account of the Courses.
  • The fees that give access to the course will be paid via bank transference, free or charge and services commissions (to the student), indicating the name of the applicant:
    CajAstur, IBAN: ES52 2048 0000 2 1 3400152827
    To: Universidad de Oviedo, CIF Q-3318001-I
    Concept: Cursos de Español para Extranjeros

For more information on the pre-registration and the enrollment, you may contact:

La Casa de las Lenguas, Campus of “El Milán”
Comandante Bruzo and Luis Braille Sts., Ground Floor – Oviedo (33011)
+ 34 985 109664
+ 34 985 109665