Home Study Abroad in Spain University of Granada – Spring Semester – Hispanic Studies Program (CEH) – 1,622 Euros

University of Granada – Spring Semester – Hispanic Studies Program (CEH) – 1,622 Euros

University of Granada – Spring Semester – Hispanic Studies Program (CEH) – 1,622 Euros

Class Hours – 225 hours

Dates – February to May

If you want to study Spanish in Granada, the Hispanic Studies Course is aimed at students and professionals who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge of Spanish language and culture. This course offers a wide variety of subjects taught by specialists from the University of Granada.

 Students must already have a high command of Spanish to be able to follow these subjects (i.e. have passed level B2.1 (upper-intermediate)).(See specifications of level test). For this reason, CLM always recommends students to take an Intensive Spanish Language Course (CILE) before beginning the Hispanic Studies Course.

 The CEH Spring spring semester course is taught in  from February to May

 Students in this course can choose four or five subjects offered by CLM for each period. One of these subjects may be a Modern Language Course offered by CLM.

Each subject on the Hispanic Studies Course has 45 teaching hours and a regular weekly timetable in line with the general schedule programmed by CLM.

 Students may enrol in additional subjects to further their studies if they wish.

Hispanic Studies Courses – Spring Semester Courses

A. Spanish Language Courses

– Speaking and Writing Skills

– Spanish Grammar

– The Diversityof Spanish in the World

– Translation from English to Spanish 1

– Translation from English to Spanish 2

– Business Spanish

– Teaching Spanish in Bilingual Schools

– Spanish Linguistics

B. Spanish Literature Courses

– Spanish Literature from the Renaissance to the Golden Age of Cervantes

– Spanish Literature: Enlightenment, Romanticissm, and Realism

– Contemporary Spanish Literature

– Latin American Literature

– The Image of Women in Spanish Literature

– Social and ideological change through the Lens of Spanish Theatre

C. Spanish History and Geography Courses

– Spanish History from the 1700s to the Spanish Civil War and Franco

– The Transition: From Franco’s Dictatorship to the Democracy of Today’s Spain

– Spain’s Evolving Social and Demographic Landscapes

D. History of Spanish Art  Courses

– Spanish Art (Renaissance and Baroque)

– Contemporary Spanish Art

– Spain and Latin America through Contemporary Cinema

E. Sociology, Politics and Economics Courses

– Current-socio-political topics in Spain

– The Political System of the European Union

– Economics and Business in Spain and Latin America

F. Spanish Culture Courses

– Spanish Civilizationa and Culture

– Latin American Civilization and Culture

– Islamic Culture in Spain

– History of Flemenco

– The Spanish Music as an Artistic and Social Phenomenon

– Religious diversity and culture in medieval Spain

– Healthcare Systems in Spain

– Ecology and the Environment in Spain

G. Internships

– Internship Program in Companies

– Internship Program in Educational Institutions

– Internship Program in NGOs/Volunteer Work


Registration fee – 649 euros

Course fee – 973 euros

Total program fee – 1.622


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