Advanced Spanish Culture Course

Program Name: Spanish Language Course
School: Universidad Complutense de Madrid
City: Madrid, Spain
Term: Academic Year (October to June)
Duration: Semester
Cost: € 4,064 / $ 4,328.97 *, tuition, 4 subjects


€ 1,050 / $ 1,118.46 * to € 1,380 / $ 1,469.98 *, university residence hall, half board.

Alternatively, students can arrange their own housing. The University of Complutense lists a 3rd party housing provider on their website for students who wish to find shared student apartments.

[** Note that student apartments are the most affordable housing option and can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a semester or academic year study abroad program.]

Language of Instruction: Spanish
Eligibility: Open Enrollment, anybody can participate. No min GPA required, no letters of recommendation required, must have high school diploma. You do not have to be a college student to enroll in this Spanish program. You do not have to participate in a US university study abroad program to enroll in this Spanish program. Minimum age 16.

* Euro equivalent in dollars based on current exchange rate

COURSE DESCRIPTION – Spanish Language and Culture Course, Fall Semester

The Advanced Spanish Culture Course (El Curso Superior de Cultura) is geared towards those students that aspire to have an understanding of the essential keys of Spanish culture in all of its aspects – Spanish art, Spanish history, Spanish literature, etc. The only requirement requirement for participation in the programs is to have an intermediate (B1) or advanced (B2) level of Spanish.

All of the Spanish classes in this course are given by Universidad Complutense professors with ample experience in the teaching of Spanish to foreign students. The courses are made to accommodate the needs of foreign students and take into account the any difficulties that may be encountered, from language to cultural adaptation.

The Spanish Culture Courses (art, history, literature, etc.) are taught mornings, from Monday to Friday. The Spanish Language Courses consist of grammar and exercises and are given in 2 weekly sessions of 2 hours each. Before beginning the Spanish program students take a Spanish language level test in order to be assigned to the course that bests meets their needs and level of Spanish.

In addition, various activities in groups are given in and outside of class, such as museum visits, excursions through literary, historic and artistic Madrid, book lectures, etc. These activities are lead by professors of the course and their objectives are to compliment the theoretical learning of the classes with access and exposure to Spanish culture that is both stimulating and that facilitates immersion into the real Spain.

The Advanced Spanish Culture course is also intended to offer teaching instruments for those who teach or intend to teach Spanish language and culture.

The course is divided into three trimesters, October to December, January to March, and March to June. Participants in the Advanced Spanish Culture Course can choose 4 Spanish subjects (16 hours of class per week) or 5 subjects (20 hours of class per week). In addition, participants can add subjects that personalize their course according to their needs, such as Spanish grammar, vocabulary, conversation, etc.

Course structure:

  • 9:00 am to 1 pm, Spanish Culture Courses
  • 3 pm to 7 pm, Spanish Language Courses

Students who meet all the requirements will be awarded a Diploma for the Advanced Spanish Culture Course. If a student does not obtain the diploma, they will receive a certificate of attendance which includes the grades of the classes they passed and the equivalent credits earned (though participants in the course do not need to be degree-seeking students).


  • The Spanish Civil War in Film and Literature
  • Heroes, Saints, and Monsters in Spanish Literature
  • Socio-Political Change in Spain during the 20th Century, From Monarchy to Dictatorship
  • The Hispano-American Story
  • The Art of Empire, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque
  • Spanish for Business
  • Introduction to Contemporary Spanish and Latin American Film
  • Geniuses of Modernity, Goya, Sorolla, Gaudi, Picasso, Miro, Dali, etc.
  • Socio-Politico Change in Spain since 1975 to the Present Day, the Transition and the Result
  • Women Awaken, The Evolution of Women in Spanish Literature
  • Muslim Spain, History and Daily Life


  • Spanish Conversation
  • Spanish Writing
  • Spanish Listening Comprehension
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Spanish Vocabulary


Open enrollment, anybody can participate. The Spanish program at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid is open to teens, students, and adults. You do not have to be a college student to enroll in this Spanish program. You do not have to participate in a US university study abroad program to enroll in this Spanish program. Minimum age 18.


The Complutense Center for the Teaching of Spanish (CCEE) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid offers Spanish Language and Culture Courses for foreigners. All levels of Spanish are offered, from beginner Spanish to advanced Spanish. Participants in the Spanish courses practice speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The center also offers Spanish History, Spanish Art, and Spanish Literature courses. Participants in the Spanish programs at the Complutense University of Madrid enjoy the same services and facilities as any other student at the university, including access to the university dinning halls, university library, language labs, sports facilities and pool.


Activities: Museum visits, guided tours, visits to sites of historical and cultural interest

Housing: University residence halls. The Universidad Complutense de Madrid lists Housing Anywhere on their website for those students that wish to find their own housing.


Online registration, open to teens, students, and adults. Visit the Universidad Complutense webpage to begin the enrollment process.


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