Program Name:  Spanish Language & Culture
School:  University of Oviedo
City:  Oviedo, Spain
Term:  Fall (October to December)
Duration:  Semester
Cost:  € 1,145 / $ 1,246.91 * tuition
Housing  € 600 / $ 653.40 * per mo. homestay
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Eligibility: Open Enrollment: Anybody can participate. No min GPA required. Minimum age is 18 (students 17 years old can enroll if they are going to turn 18 during the academic year).

* Euro equivalent in dollars based on current exchange rate


In the Spanish Language and Culture Courses, students can to choose up to five Spanish subjects out of nine, all of them taught by specialists, based on topics such as Spanish written communication, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish oral communication, Spanish literature, Hispanoamerican literature and culture,  and Spanish history and art. Classes are held in the morning, from Monday to Friday. Students who enroll in the full program with have 5 subjects. The Spanish Language and Culture course comprises 295 class hours of Spanish (205 class hours and 90 hours of self-study work).

The Spanish courses are offered on different levels, each adapted to the specific needs the students show in the results of the placement test. Spanish Language and Culture courses are offered for students of Spanish having any of the following levels: Elementary (A1), Intermediate I (A2), Intermediate II (B1), Advanced I (B2) and Advanced II (C1). Students take a placement exam prior to beginning their Spanish course so that they are placed in the course that best corresponds to their level of Spanish.


  • Spanish written communication
  • Spanish vocabulary
  • Spanish conversation
  • Spanish grammar
  • Spanish literature
  • Spanish history
  • Spanish art


Anybody can participate. Enrollment in the Spanish program at the University of Oviedo is open, You enroll directly with the University of Oviedo. It is open to teens, students, and adults. You do not have to be a college student to enroll in this Spanish program. You do not have to participate in a US university study abroad program to enroll in this Spanish program. Minimum age 18.


La Casa de las Lenguas, the University of Oviedo language center, organizes eight different types of Spanish courses for foreigners: different lengths: Spanish for Beginners, Spanish Language and Culture, Intensive Spanish Courses, Intensive Summer Courses, Training Courses for the exams of the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), and Courses of Spanish for Specific Purposes.

Spanish courses for foreign students regularly employ teachers from the University of Oviedo who have obtained their PhDs in Spanish Language, Literature, English-Spanish/French-Spanish/German-Spanish Translation, and History of Spain. Moreover, we have a staff composed by teachers who have extensive experience and a specific formation in the teaching of language and culture to foreign students.


Activities: Complementary activities are offered that allow  students to gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of Spanish and Asturian culture outside the classroom in a direct way. The other aim of these activities is to serve as projects and activities carried out using language that allow students to practice the Spanish that they have learned both Spanish language and culture via teacher-guided activities.

Housing: The University of Oviedo facilitates accommodation with families in order to foster a greater degree of student integration and to provide them with the chance to practice our language and become acquainted with our culture. The allocation of accommodation is a service that the University of Oviedo Spanish Courses provide free of charge, with no kind of contractual relation being established with either the families or the students. At the end of the course, students will be given the opportunity to fill out a survey and score the treatment they received from the family.


There is no minimum required GPA. Recommendation letters are not required. The minimum age for enrollment is 18. Minimum required age for enrollment is 18 years old (students may enroll if they are 17 and turn 18 during the academic year).

To pre-register and enroll, present or send by mail or fax up to 30 days before the start of the courses the following documentation:

  • The registration form with the options you have chosen and, if applicable, the type of accommodation desired
  • A photocopy of the passport or ID
  • 2 small ID-sized photos
  • Bank receipt of the deposit or transference of the advanced payment (€200) to the account of the Courses.

For more information on the pre-registration and the enrollment, you may contact:

La Casa de las Lenguas, Campus of El Milan


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